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Is a Certification program right for you?

It is not enough to show that an individual or organization has acquired knowledge, there needs to be a deep understanding of its correct application in relation to every specific job skill and requirements.


Training usually supports employees acquiring new skills; development helps build upon employee aptitude and current performance. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, and decide what type of training best suits them to perform their job tasks. Shedding light on development programs, will benefit employee and employer.


Ease of Flexibility

ICC works with you to create the program that is right for your organization and your members. In addition to Supervisory Certification, the ICC offers curriculum design assistance in areas that include:

Areas of Expertise

• Management • Leadership • Innovation • Analytics • Decision-Making • Risk Management • Emotional Intelligence • Government Contracting • Financial Services • Regulatory Reform • Construction Contracting • Labor & Employment • Environmental Law • International Contracting • Intellectual Property


Technical Guidance & Implementation

ICC provides low cost, short-term support including social networking, sponsoring, partnering, and diverse learning platforms.

Learning Environments

• Live Seminars • On-Site Courses and Programs • Distance Learning • Webcasts • Books, Periodicals, and Newsletters • Audio, Video, DVD, and Other Formats.


Meet our Principals

Chief Executive Officer

Director of Development

Program & Curriculum Director

Chief Information Officer

The ICC is an independent, objective third party organization dedicated to the development of credentialing programs.

How It Works

The ICC works with associations and other organizations to provide guidance in developing their certification programs. The ICC can develop a complete program for you or support your association’s efforts at a mutually agreeable level of participation. Associations enjoy the advantages of shared risk and a minimum level of obligation in working with ICC. The ICC will provide you with a simple, easy-to-follow series of guides and templates that you can use to build your own program. The Centre can work with you to develop your own program or provide you with the tools and materials to use.


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